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What's keeping you up at night?


Do I have enough money when I retire?

How much should I withdraw from my savings

How can I make sure my savings will last?


Should I invest or pay down debt?

How and where should my money be invested?

Children Education

How much and when do I save for my kids’ education?

What’s best way to save for my kids ‘education?


How do I pay down my debts?

How to protect my love ones from my debts?

Loss of Income

What if I can't work one day?

Can I survive with my current savings?

Leaving a Legacy

Who will support my family when I'm not around?

Will my family quarrel over my assets?

"Planning is about bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now"

-Alan Lakein

We Help You Meet Your Financial Goals

We're Licensed

We are a team of financial planners licensed by both Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia. We provide unbiased guidance and recommendations to address your financial concerns.

We Understand

We partner with you and guide you through the financial journey that brings wholeness to your life. We help you align financial behaviours with your values and goals.

We Care

We make financial planning easy to fit into your life, offering holistic financial planning. We accommodate both in-person and virtual meetings to cater to your busy schedule.

Our Services

With a private one-to-one experience, our comprehensive Financial Planning (FP) is designed to help you define and pursue your life goals through proper management of your financial resources.

Financial Fellowship (FF) is a 8-week guided-DIY course that will help you to create a personalized financial plan. We equip you with financial knowledge that enable you to manage your money efficiently.

Corporate Financial Education (CFE) is a series of workshops that covers various financial topics catered for your employees. This will elevate the level of their financial literacy, reduce mental stress and increase productivity.

1RM Alumni

All clients are invited to join our exclusive alumni group.

With your alumni membership, you will get:

Monthly Online Check-in

You will continue to learn about fresh topics with the alumni group and 1RM planners each month


We invite guest speakers to talk about their area of expertise as it applies to you. You can attend live or catch the replay in an archive filled with many topical videos

Financial Talks

You will be invited to attend the financial talks or workshops given by the renowned speakers on various topics.

Personalized Guidance

You are a client of 1RinggitMore as well as FA Advisory Sdn Bhd. That means, any time you post on our forum, you will get guidance from licensed financial planners who understand your financial needs.

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