Financial Planner’s LICENSE what does it mean?

The term Licensed Financial Planner (LFP) encompasses many different aspects of financial advice, which need 2 different licenses: SC’s New Capital Markets Services Representative’s License (CMSRL) and BNM’s Financial Advisers’ Representative (FAR).

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Women and men don’t have the same relationship to money. Globally and on home ground, there has been growing awareness of gender equality and the

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The Misconception of Financial Planning / Licensed Financial Planner

An open mindset is important when you decide to engage a licensed financial planner and be responsible for what you have committed in the written financial plan. End of the day the ‘coach’ and the ‘trainee’ need to take action to see the result.

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The REAL benefits of Lifestyle Financial Planning

Have you ever wondered, why some people seem to have the ability to live the life of dreams, whilst some are living from paycheck to paycheck, even though both share the same starting point? You may say that everyone’s circumstances are unique, however, there is a significant difference between those who have a guideline on how to reach their financial success compared to those without having one.

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Know Yourself in Financial Planning

Financial Planning only for the rich? We are not rich, our family income is not high, there is no spare money that can be saved,how to talk about family financial planning? Sound familiar? Has this statement ever appeared in your mind?

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Advance Withdrawal from EPF

During this unprecedented situation that badly affected the global economy, everybody does suffer some of the effects in terms of finances, will EPF advance withdrawal HELP or HARM?
Before taking up this offer, what should one consider first?

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How to Choose the Right Financial Planner

It is very easy to get financial advice, however, one downside of these free online advice is the bypass of important safeguards such as ensuring the person seeking for advice is subject to a detailed financial health check and understanding their current financial position.

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