Corporate Financial Education

Financial Literacy in the workplace

Financial stress, mainly due to a lack of financial literacy, is a common dilemma among many people at home or at work. According to a SHRM study, 83% of HR professionals reported that personal financial challenges had a large impact or some impact on overall employee performance.

In the PWC 2020 Financial Wellness Survey, Financial matters is the top cause of stress. Employees who are stressed about their finances are more likely to be distracted at work. Some key insights are 54% of employees responded they are currently facing financial or money matters/challenges. The workforce that is more distracted will be less productive and likely to experience physical & mental chronic stress. 2 out of 3 employees will need guidance as they recover financially and strive to protect themselves from future financial issues.

Employees often look to their employer to help navigate their personal financial issues. This create an opportunity for company to embark on financial literacy program to enhance financial literacy among employees. The organisation can help employees avoid financial pitfalls, reduce their financial stress and thus spend less time worrying about money at work.

With financial literacy programs, companies have the power to raise their bottom line. In fact, it can do beyond improving financial literacy level; it increases productivity, boost job satisfaction, and save on the costs of health care and turnover. There are simply too many benefits to ignore.

Financial Education for your team

Our ‘Corporate Financial Education Series’ are designed to empower employees to make informed financial decisions and helping them to improve their financial well-being. We work closely with HR personnel and we have trained many employees working with Multinational Companies, and public listed companies via our Financial Wellness Program. We specialize in providing financial literacy training for employees, ranging from Senior Executive level and above. Our training modules as below:

What is important about money to you?

What kind of lifestyle you want to live?

This series provide clarity on your financial future, and chart a road map for  your financial journey.

Are you on track to achieve your financial goals?

Do you know how to allocate and manage your money effectively?

Is your net worth growing or declining?

This module covers the overview of Personal Financial Planning, budgeting, cash flow, tax and debts management skills.

Is your money working for you, or losing value?

How to invest prudently and ensure my wealth grow consistently ?

It is important to manage money prudently by understanding the types of asset classes, and prudent strategies to achieve financial goals instead of blindly chasing after returns.

How to minimise the cost and maximise the value of your life insurance?

Who will move your “Estate”?

It is important to organise our lives, clarifying desires, and eliminating the needless guesswork while we are still capable. This is the important decision we can make today.

Are you mentally and emotionally ready in transition into your retirement?

Do you regular review your retirement plan?

This module lay out the right mindset, living strategies, and financial fundamentals to plan for a successful retirement and a smooth transition into a new empowered retirement life.

Programme Outcome

Upon completing the programme, you should be able to:

  • Aware and understand how financial attitude and behavior shape one’s financial future.
  • Apply practical financial knowledge and improved money management skills.
  • Understand the overview and key component of financial planning in a holistic manner.
  • To gain important knowledge on all wealth pillars.
  • Evaluate one’s financial health and the strategy to improve overall financial well beings.
  • Start the Financial Journey with the right mindset and right method.

Our Methodology:

Our programme can be conducted via class-room or virtual training. In our programme, we will include a range of case studies, workbook, quizzes, games, Google classroom and so on.


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