Financial Planning

Define and pursue your life goals

What is financial Planning

Financial Planning (FP) is an advisory process to help you take control of your money and achieve your desired lifestyle, without the fear of ever running out of money.

We develop wealth strategies and investment plans, aligned with your life values to achieve financial independence.

Life is not a rehearsal and too short to have regrets.

We are licensed financial planners regulated by Securities Commission of Malaysia under the Capital Market Services Act 2007, which we are required to provide the highest standard of responsibility to our clients.

The 3D Process


We identify what’s important about money to you and what are your biggest concerns and challenges. We help you to define your goals through initial consultations. We also assess your current assets, commitments and spending habits.


We design and develop a financial strategy that aligns with your life values and help you to meet your objectives, needs and priorities.


We will meet several times per year to identify the action plans and to implement the recommendations that are agreed upon. We will meet regularly to monitor to keep your growth on track.


Hands-on support continues until you reach your financial goals:

We will meet at least on a bi-annual basis.

We actively help you to manage your money and modify your action plans as we go along.

We will assess progress towards achievement of your goals and determine if the recommendations are still appropriate. We confirm if any revisions considered necessary to make sure you stay on track in your financial journey.

We care about you living your best life. We act as a liaison with other specialists (lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, mortgage brokers) who also play an important part in your overall financial plan.

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